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Homgeek Blender Smoothie Maker

Homgeek Blender Smoothie Maker

25000 RPM High-Speed Professional Countertop Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, with 8-speeds Control, 68OZ BPA-Free Tritan Pitcher, 1450W

This blender is designed to extract all the nutrients and vitamins by breaking the cell walls of the food put inside it. The extraction process takes place in seconds and serves as a healthy and nutritious drink/mix for everyone. This blender is that perfect smoothie blender, you have been looking for. The powerful motor of 1450 watts and hardened stainless-steel blades with 25,000 RPM makes the process of crushing the ice faster and blend all the ingredients into a smooth texture.

The bottle of Homgeek Blender and Smoothie Maker is BPA-free which makes it safe to use. Moreover, the eight variable speed controls help you control the blending according to the texture you require. The structure of this blending gadget is perfect for everyday handling. It is made up of lightweight steel that makes it perfect for carrying around. The 5mm thick 68oz Tritan Pitcher makes it an ideal blender for the whole family.


Size: 68oz.

Capacity:  2L

Power: 1450 watts

Speed:  8 variable choices

Technology: Ice crushing technology


  • Colours: Silver
  • Stainless steel blades
  • High-speed vortex blender
  • Cool-running motors
  • 2L big cups
  • Crush capacity
  • BPA-free
  • Temperature resistance: 228F to -68
  • Homgeek Blender and Smoothie Maker has proved its name in chopping, cutting and blending to the perfect consistency
  • It has a good worth for its price
  • It is easy to use
  • Eight variable speed control measures
  • Homgeek Blender and Smoothie Maker Breaks the cell wall of the food to add more nutrients
  • Washing this blender may be a little difficult
  • Homgeek Blender and Smoothie Maker may not be able to cope with crushing a large amount of ice together
  • The power cord doesn’t fit right at the bottom of the unit

Another expertise of this Homgeek Blender and Smoothie Maker is the rightly programmed ice crushing to liquefy, mix, stir or chop. The speed levels can be manually controlled to crush the ice to the precise texture required. The ice crushing process is made even better by the use of its ice crush feature, which helps in blending drinks and smoothies with its optimal ice-crushing pulse feature.


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