Best Avocado Slicers 2020

Tired of ruining avocados with your regular knife? Are you looking for the best avocado slicer that can help you in making the process of avocado cutting easier? The following article will help you to develop an understanding regarding the types of different avocado slicers that will give you the right directions regarding their usefulness and versatility.

After reading the whole article you will be able to choose the best one according to your budget, necessity and your mindset. We will give you a detailed description of every single product with its salient features and a friendly wise opinion regarding its cons if there’s any.

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

We are well aware of OXO as they always fulfill their user’s requirements just according to their needs. And now we will talk about their best avocado slicer that gives you 3 functions in a single tool. At the end of this slicer, there is a sharp serrated blade that cuts avocado into two pieces with no effort. Then at the very back and in the middle of slicer, there is around patented pitter that removes the pits out of the avocado very smoothly all these features save your time as at the other end there is a blade that puts out the avocado out of the peel in 7 even slices, makes your life super easy.


  • Safe slicing
  • Nonslip Firm grip
  • Stainless steel pitter
  • Fan blade that gives you seven equal pieces
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use

Final Words

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 best Avocado Slicer is a lightweight easy to handle kitchen utensil that can make your life easy and can save a lot of time as you just need a single tool for cutting removing the seed and slicing. You can carry this tool as well for a picnic.

Amco 8685 Avocado Slicer

Amoco’s best avocado slicer gives you a stainless body with an easy and non-slip grip. It is a two-sided slicer. You just need to cut this from the center. You can see a lope at one end of the slicer that helps to put out the pit just by placing it around it then comes the time to use the other end that will cut the avocado in equal slices. You just need to insert it inside the fruit the pull it towards you for perfect slices and that’s how you can enjoy a healthy fruit in perfect slices. Avocado no doubt is a beneficial fruit but hard to slice as the efforts for taking the fruit out ruins the excitement and amco can let you enjoy the healthy fruit to its full.


  • Stainless handle
  • A loop end to put the pit out
  • Easy slicer
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Easy to use and carry

Final Words

Avocado no doubt is a very healthy fruit as I mentioned earlier and if you don’t want to ruin eating it with peace then you must go for Amco 8685 Avocado Slicer but you just need a knife as well to cut it before slicing.

Prepworks by Progressive Flip Blade Avocado Tool

This Best avocado slicer is all in one tool for avocado slicing as you won’t need any other tool for this. They give you a foldable knife that can go back into the frame and lessen the chance of danger due to the sharp knife. This knife can be used to cut the fruit into two pieces and making the slices as well. Then comes a loop to remove the pit out of the fruit. The thin plastic thing at the end helps you to remove the fruit out of the peel. You can put it out either after or before cutting it into slices as per your convenience and ease. And enjoy the tasty healthy fruit with very little effort.


  • Sharp metal blade
  • Protective cover that gives you safe slicing
  • It can be formed in a compact shape to carry it
  • All in one tool
  • Dishwasher safe

Final Words

You don’t need any kind of tool when you have Prepworks by Progressive Flip Blade Best Avocado Tool in your hand the plus point is that you don’t need any knife when you carry it in your bag. The knife can be used for other purposes as well.

Joseph Joseph 20112 GoAvocado 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

As we know that preparing avocados is always been a very messy thing when you do it just by using a knife that’s why joseph joseph makes it easy for you and ends up the frustration of mess. They give you a 3 in 1 tool. There is a petal-shaped small foldable blade that cuts the fruit into two parts. Then comes a pit remover just under the slicer makes it even more convenient. And then in the last step, the slicer placed at the other end of tool finalize the action by giving you the perfectly sliced avocado with no effort and no mess at all


  • Petal shaped foldable cutter
  • All in one tool
  • Pit remover
  • Bars for even slicing
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher friendly

Final Words

Joseph Joseph 20112 GoAvocado 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer is a perfectly convenient tool for avoiding the mess and get a perfectly sliced avocado to enjoy it to its fullest. Moreover, it is comparatively easy to use due to its handle. This makes it one of the best avocado slicers in the market.

LUXEAR Avocado Slicer

If you look it carefully, they give you a cute hand shape where the thumb can be used for removing the pit and separating the fruit from the peel. But this is not enough there is another round pit remover surrounded by a sharp stainless-steel blade that puts out the pit effortlessly without wasting the fruit. Then comes a handle that provides you a non-slippery grip. There is a splitter that’s upper end can be used to cut the fruit into two halves moreover there is a tool as well to cut the avocado in equal slices. Another feather I must like to share, it can be hanged anywhere in your kitchen as its hanging hole design makes it convenient to hang up. So for sure, this is one of the best avocado slicers out there


  • Food grade silicone handle
  • Easily hang up design
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Silicon grip makes it easy to use
  • Pitter surrounded by stainless steel blades

Final Words

As compared to other slicers they give you a unique design that is not only adorable but fulfills your necessities as well at a very reasonable price. All the material used in its manufacturing is food quality and zero harm.

UNIQUEE 3-in-1 Avocado Tool

It is much similar to luxear as both have the same design. Uniquee 3 in 1 gives you effortless avocado slices with the help of its multi-functioning. The thumb shape part helps to cut the fruit in halves. To remove the pit from inside you can either use this or pitter that is specifically made for this purpose with a sharp blade in its surroundings. The round-shaped slicer will provide you the perfectly sliced avocado. You can see a very comfortable soft handle that makes it a bit separate from luxear as unique gives you a more comfortable and softer grip for easy holding and usage.


  • Splitter that contains a plastic blade
  • Slicer to cut the fruit in equal slices
  • Pitter to remove pits out of fruit
  • Comfortable and soft grip
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for other fruits like papaya, kiwi, and mango

Final Words

It is more versatile in tools and usage as well. It is not bound for avocados only but it can serve you with fruits as well but maybe with a little bit less perfection. So if you are considering to try the best slicers for avocado, it is an option.

Auony 5-in-1 Avocado Slicer

This is the most versatile tool in this size. It can serve you with 5 functions at a time. A sharp plastic blade is placed at one side of the tool that can be used for two purposes i.e. for dividing the fruit into halves and put the pit out of the fruit. There is a slicer as well that gives you the perfectly sliced avocado with a little struggle. The same slicer can also be used to mash the avocado for sandwiches so you can make your favorite snack in less time. When you look at its back there is a hole for taking out the apple pedicle to save your time. You can take it as a complementary feature.


  • Silicon soft comfortable nonslip grip
  • Easy to use
  • Makes perfectly even slices
  • Can also be used as a masher
  • There is a complementary feature for removing apple pedicles
  • Easy cleanup

Final Words

If we compare it with other products like this, then Auony 5-in-1 Avocado Slicer will come on top due to its versatility. It can be considered almost a perfect tool for one’s kitchen. As it is not only easy to use but it is handy as well with an extra feature available that makes it more attractive for the buyer.

Vium 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer, Green

It is a 5 in 1 tool that is designed to make your life easier. This tool is a very versatile option for your kitchen as you won’t need different tools for one fruit. Avocado no doubt is a fruit with a lot of benefits for your body but the hardest part is separating the fruit from the peel as it creates a lot of mess doing so but CTYES makes it super easy for you. You just need a single tool from cutting it into halves to slice it. There is a sharp fin-shaped cutter that is used for separating the fruit into two halves and for putting out the pit out of fruit. Then comes a tool at the top of it for separating the peel from the fruit. You can use the same tool for mashing as well. Another important tool is placed at the other end for removing apple seeds which makes it one of the best avocado slicers out there.


  • Food grade plastic that causes zero harm
  • Quick cutting by using the blade places at one side
  • Multifunctionality
  • Protects your hand from every kind of injuries when you use it
  • Very easy to clean
  • Rust free

Final Words

It is a good option as it increases the options for making different dishes or snacks using this tool. You can eat your avocado in slices or mash it for putting in sandwiches to satisfy your cravings with a healthy snack. I will take Vium 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer, Green as an essential for my kitchen.

Kinsy Avocado Slicer

This tool can be a gift for avocado lovers as it gives you 5 functions in a single one. There are 2 pieces placed in a tiny box. A yellow colored tool is two-sided. Its sharper side is used to cut the fruit into two pieces and you can remove the pit with it as well. The other side of the yellow tool is slicer that cuts the avocado in slices and removes the skin. Another green colored tool that contains around pitter to remove the pit out of fruit. The other side is used to mash the fruit for several dishes. The leftover half avocado can be kept in the tiny box that will keep it fresh for a long time.


  • All in one avocado tool
  • Multi-functional
  • Made of food quality plastic
  • Gives you a small plastic box
  • Stainless steel keeps it rust-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Plastic serrated blade

Final Words

This 5 in one tool is one of the best avocado slicers and a perfect option for your kitchen because they are providing you a tiny box as well. No other brand cares about your leftover avocado and gives you the option to save the other half from rotting.

Ddzmz Avocado Slicer

They are providing you 3 features in this tool. At the end of this tool, there is a sharp stainless-steel blade that will help you to divide the fruit into two halves and for slicing of the fruit. Then comes a half-open pitter that will help you to remove the seed. Just before the pitter, there is a round tool for separating the fruit from the skin just by placing the tool at the top of the fruit and pulling it towards yourself. It is made up of plastic mainly except the blade. Due to its simple design, it is very easy to clean.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Adjustable size
  • Flexible scoop
  • Easy to clean

Final Words

It is a good avocado tool with a little flaw that it isn’t very easy to use as they don’t give you proper handling and the blade is not foldable and there’s always a risk of injury when you use it. But if you are so sure about your safety that you can use it then you must go for it and avail of the good quality product.

This article is a detailed written piece of different kinds of avocado slicers with their brief features and honest opinions. But the main thing is the buyer’s budget and necessity. Companies try to maintain both for you. All they want is just their customer’s satisfaction but sometimes it happens that they fail to do so and for making clear all these things this article is being written so that the hidden and visible facts can be shown.

Please share your feedback about which avocado slicing tool or avocado cutting tool you like and for what reason.

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