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Aicook Smoothie Blender

Aicook Smoothie Blender

780W High-Speed Personal Blender, 15-Piece Smoothie Maker/Mixer Included 4-Piece BPA-Free Blender Bottles, Two SUS 304 Stainless Steel Blades

Aicook smoothie blender is one of the best ones on our list because of its Turbine Motor Technology. The blending machine has a 780-watt motor that functions to breaks down and reduces the ingredients like seeds, stems and skins that will bring all the nutrition into the mix.

One of the most fantastic parts of this blender is its 15-piece personal equipment which includes four cups with two handle lip rings, different types of blades (milling blades and cross blades). The two types of blades are ideal for blending smoothies, grounding coffee beans, mixing a puree or milkshake, etc. All of this can be further assisted by the help of a guide recipe book that comes along with the blender.

Moreover, Aicook Smoothie Blender is easy to operate by anyone. You can get the machine started just by pressing the start button. For proper cleaning and sanitation, the rubber seal rings are made removable to ensure proper cleaning of the gadget. What’s more? All parts of this blender are BPA free and are safe to use for dishwashing except the base motor. The base of the motor is attached firmly to the rubberized feet for better grip and effective blending results.


Size:  38cm/15 in

Power: 780 watts

Complimentary: A recipe guide

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  • Grey colour
  • 15-piece personal blender
  • Two types of blades
  • Stainless Steel pro blade
  • High torque power
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • BPA free
  • Aicook Smoothie Blender Makes perfect, healthy smoothies
  • Brings in all the benefits of the fruits
  • Powerful blender
  • The liquid leaks from the base
  • The base cannot be exposed to dishwashing
  • Aicook Smoothie Blender’s Cup screw is not tight enough
  • Plastic cups make things taste terrible

Lastly, nothing is better for a customer than the customer service and customer relations. This company provides a 60-day money-back policy to its customers and 24/7 customer service assurance.


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