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Terms of Service

AskMicrobiology Provides users a platform where they can ask questions related to microbiology. Our aim is to add value to the lives of our users by connecting curious minds with the minds containing all the answers to their questions, to fulfill their curiosity. As AskMicrobiology is a public platform, so, to maintain the decorum of the forum we require you to follow and accept these terms of service before joining the platform.

AskMicrobiology is a public platform available for everyone on the internet, so whatever you post on this platform, it’ll be public to the users going through the website or searching for certain information through a search engine. All content that you post (Questions, answers, comments, videos, photos, links) will be your property and Askmicrobiology will not be responsible for any type of usage of your provided information. Although we take care that only correct information should be posted to the site but sometimes when the traffic load is more and more people are sharing the content, it’s almost an impossible thing to manually review all the stuff. So, we disclaim any piece of user-generated content as our own property. In short, users are responsible for their content and anything that can happen to that content and any impression created by that content.

Sometimes, if you post many spammy links in your content, it may be marked as spam by our bots. Our team, however, manually review and approves the content if it’s an error by the system and is not spammy.

In case you post any content on the site, it’s your responsibility to take care of any legal rights associated with that. If you post any copyrighted material that is someone’s proprietary information, you will be responsible for any legal issues. Please take care to provide appropriate credits to the respected author in case you’re even posting their copyright-free content.

If you are using content from other Answers on as microbiology as a reference, you are required to post the link of that post in your post too.

Any piece of information can’t be used for any legal reference, even the advice by the best professionals will not be considered as a legal source as long as it is not according to the law but is published on the platform of Askmicrobiology.

If you think someone has violated your intellectual property rights, other laws, or AskMicrobiology’s policies, you can initiate a report at the contact us page.