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Best Espresso Machines 2020

Best Espresso Machines 2020

We, coffee lovers, are always looking for the best equipment to make a perfect espresso that can satisfy our tastebuds. Top rated espresso machines are available in the market, and also, there are some which are not that much popular but offer great ease of handling and taste. Our espresso machines reviews are based not just on subjective opinions but on meticulously collected data too. Here are the top 10 espresso machines of 2020 with their pricing and detailed reviews. We hope that this guide will help you in picking up the best espresso machine for your home or for commercial purposes.


The barista express is an incredible gadget for coffee lovers. It can provide you the best espresso within no time. The best thing regarding barista is that it is very simple to operate as compare to other machines. But it takes a little effort and patience to operate it. I agree that at first knobs, buttons and dials of the Breville Barista Express were a little hard to press. But there’s no need to worry about that because they provide you a detailed manual, after just a few tries you can easily master it. The stainless-steel frame, and the large steel portafilter and handle attachments help with its appearance, but the large bean hopper, companion bur grinder, and pressure gauge really give it a good look. You usually only see those features at premium semi and super-automatic espresso manufacturers. This can be best for the ones who avoid going outside and prefer to have homemade coffee.

  • 15 Bar (220Psi) Italian pump
  • 1600-Watt Thermo coil heating system
  • Automatic water temperature control
  • Stainless steel integrated burr grinder with 1/2 lb sealed bean hopper. Always uses fresh grounded beans for every new cup
  • Grind size and grind amount selector dials – so you can choose from fine to coarse.
  • A removable water tank that carries 67oz with replaceable water filter.
  • Volumetric control – present for one or two cups.
  • Clean me light tells you when the BES870XL needs cleaning.
  • Removable drip tray – for both wet and dry spills.
  • Dimensions: 23 lbs. 13 inches x 12 inches x 16 inches.
  • Stainless steel
  • Beginner friendly
  • Saves time
  • Easy cleaning
  • I year warranty
  • Temperature controlling
  • Less spacious
  • Water tank at the back
  • Single boiler

Final Words

I highly recommend Breville based on its price point. It has a wide range of features and it makes a really great cup of coffee. It is not in the same league as the barista machines in your favorite cafes, but remember their cost is at least six times more. By using it for just a few weeks will leave you to think that how well you can make a cup of coffee.



It is made of black plastic that gives it a very fine look. You can decor your kitchen on a very low budget with the Philips 2200 Superautomatic Espresso Machine. The Philips 2200 Pack has all the features you need, such as an auto-frying steam wand and easy access to water and grounds – to make an effortless cup of coffee or a shot of espresso. Just set your correct dose and length and tap on the play button to drink. Milk Frosting is equally easy with the 2200’s Paparelli Steam Wand – which auto-froths while controlling the temperature of your milk. The 2200 tops out its capable design with chrome accents and a brushed face – helping to blend in with any kitchen layout. It will let you enjoy the fresh and delicious aroma of coffee from fresh beans at the perfect temperature. Thanks to its intelligent brewing system that allows it to serve you a perfectly tasty mug of coffee.

  • The Philips 2200 froths the best coffee and makes your morning fresh.
  • Automatic milk frothing, making milk-based espresso drinks easier than ever.
  • Dedicated espresso and coffee buttons make it easy to handle
  • A slide-out water tank is easier to refill than side-mounted options.
  • A top-mounted bypass dozer makes it easy to try out new pre-ground coffees.
  • Simple espresso
  • Aqua clean
  • Not a lot going on
  • Mismatched chrome

Final Words

I will highly recommend this gadget as it provides you with a lot of functionalities in a very reasonable price. One must go for it if he is interested in saving his time and fulfil his obsession with coffee.


DeLonghi Magnifica Super-Automatic Coffee Machine

The major reason to choose this machine is convenience like if it isn’t easy to use then what’s the point? Its control panel has a lot of indicator lights that will inform you when to refill the water tank, empty the grounds or run the descaling program.  The DeLonghi has dual stainless steel thermo-block heaters, each with a decoction and steam side. Unfortunately, you cannot brew espresso and use a steam stick together. However, this deficiency is quite common among super-automatic espresso machines. Its inner wand can also be used as a traditional steamer. Despite not being fully stainless steel the milk frother is still easy to clean and use. But DeLonghi doesn’t have a filter installed in its water tank so you have to use already filtered water. Because of its plastic exterior, it is stain free unlike stainless steel or other metal bodies that will help you to maintain its outer cleanliness. One more important thing is, it is very lightweight as compared to other coffee machines that add up to the fact that it is easy to handle.

  • Aesthetically designed body.
  • It has a compact footprint, and overall the unit measures just about 11” L x 15.3” W x 14.4” H.
  • It weighs only2 lb. (10.52 kg), which makes it much lighter.
  • DeLonghi 3300 has an adorable, slim metallic front panel with molded black plastic accents at the top and sides.
  • Stylish, compact and reliable design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • High-tech user interface
  • Coffee spouts have adjustable height settings
  • Rapid heating
  • In-built grinder with 13 settings
  • There isn’t any water filter available

Final Words

It is only possible to pull an excellent espresso shot if you have a reliable super-automatic machine. In this DeLonghi Magnifica, we’ve seen how this unit is the perfect choice for those on a low budget who need a durable, premium espresso machine to make specialty drinks every day at home.



The very first thing I would like to mention is the combination of its stainless steel and plastic body that gives it a very attractive look. It provides you a transparent water container with a water filter installed in it. Moreover, the Braun multi-serve is ensured by the golden cup association that ensures coffee brewing at optimal temperature. A classy and convenient addition to this drip coffeemaker is the drip stopper that allows you to fill your morning mug mid-Bruf and it fits your travel mug even whenever you need it. Blending technology with the traditional drip coffee brewer’s familiar technology, the stainless steel multiserve features a clock and to auto on ‘button, when you need to drink your coffee in the morning. No need to worry about the coffee that is lukewarm in the morning in your café, the TempSensor System SCA meets the cooking standards so that your coffee stays warm and the Freshness Indicator alerts you with a visible display in front of the machine So that you know that your brewed coffee is fresh and tasty from the first to the last drop. Turn on the multiserver dial to select your preferred brewing size, whether you’re drinking a quick cup of coffee for yourself or a full café for family or colleagues.

  • Makes up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Its glass carafe makes it easy to serve guests or yourself another cup.
  • Auto shut-down helps safe
  • Water filtration makes sure optimal flavour.
  • LED display Provides high visibility.
  • Programable cup size allows you to set your coffee according to your own personal preferences.
  • Brew pause system helps you pour a cup anytime during the brew cycle.
  • Water level window makes it easy to check the current level.
  • Replaceable filter is easy to remove and clean.
  • Dishwasher safe design Makes clean-up simple and easy.
  • Water filter available
  • Keeps coffee hot
  • Can prepare a dozen cups in a single time
  • Easy clean up
  • Can control temperature
  • Comparatively bulky

Final Words

This machine is not very recommendable because of its weight and width but it is a good choice for those who need to prepare more than one cup of coffee often. it’ll definitely save your time and you should go for it.


DeLonghi Dinamica ECAM35020B Automatic Espresso Machine

If the main thing you want from a coffee machine is the convenience, Dinamika is probably for you. It is conveniently sized, easily designed, and convenient to use, providing you with fresh ground espresso in less than a minute, with just one or two buttons pressed. Serious baristas may want to look elsewhere for more in-depth control and customization, but if you want to get a good cup of coffee at 7 in the morning without thinking too much, this is a great option. The coffee button forces the machine to grind less than the machine for one shot, and then pulse water through the coffee instead of applying constant pressure. The result is a cup of coffee, which is not bad enough and not a long espresso shot, and you can really taste the difference. Until we think you will get out of the drip breaker, this is the flavor, which is much closer than most super-autos can provide. This means what a drip pod machine can do to your drip loving family member without needing a second machine.

  • Very smoothed Iced Coffee that’s never watered down due to our True Brew process
  • Heats up to 40 seconds before brewing
  • Perfectly grind coffee beans every time with its 13-setting adjustable built-in steel burr grinder
  • Easy to clean takes half the time and cost compared to other machines in the same range
  • Adjustable brew strengths and sizes for customized single-touch drinks
  • Frother / Steam Wand let you mix steam and milk to create rich creamy froth for perfectly textured lattes and cappuccinos that all you want
  • Easy cleanup
  • Cabinet friendly
  • Minimal programming


Final Words

The main reason to buy an automatic coffee and espresso maker is excellent quality beverages in the comfort of your own home with state-of-the-art technology. Keeping this in mind, we have no qualms about giving this unit a high level of appreciation. Whether you prefer a hot cup of refreshing espresso in the morning, as you bring your evening closer, the new De’Longy unit can really fulfill any occasion.


Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center

I like the fact that this is a dual coffee maker. It has both single-serve and carafe option. And it is also suitable with Keurig K-cup. It has simple straight-forward buttons, that makes it easy to operate. You will not really need its manual to take a guide on how it operates. It is also easy to refill, thanks to its detachable water reservoir. That makes it a more attractive option. There are a few basic things that you check in a coffee machine before buying it one of them is easy maintenance and less time consuming that Cuisinart provides you both its charcoal water cleaning is a brilliant feature that you rarely find in any coffee machine in such price secondly it’ll save a plenty of time and I don’t think that you will regret buying it. Another thing that I must mention is brewing pause that will not only save your time but gives you a cup as per your taste.

  •  3 serving sizes: 6, 8, 10 oz.
  •  Easy to manage with any brand of single-cup pod including Keurig K-Cup pods
  •  Includes Cuisinart’s HomeBarista™ Reusable Filter Cup which lets you use your own coffee
  •  Removable 40 oz. Water tank
  •  Saves energy as it provides evergy saving mode as well
  • Removable drip tray for travel mugs
  • Charcoal water filter
  •  10-cup thermal carafe
  • Fully automatic –with auto-cleaning feature as well makes it easy to clean
  • Brew Strength Control – select BOLD for stronger coffee flavour
  • Easy-view water window
  • Brew Pause™ feature – pour a cup before brew cycle ends
  •  Gold-tone coffee filter lets only pure coffee flavour flow through your taste buds
  • Charcoal water filter
  • BPA free
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Store a lot of water
  • Maximizes coffee extraction
  • Customizable coffee boldness
  • Able to adjust the temperature
  • Automatic shut down
  • Have programmable automatic brew start

Final Words:

One must go for this gadget this is highly recommended as it will provide you the best coffee in very little time. And an effortless cup of coffee will satisfy your taste buds.


Cuisinart DGB-800 Burr Grind

Coffee is just one of the most popular beverages that people love to drink. Aside from the fact that it boosts your energy level every time whenever you are tired from work or having a super busy day, it also gives you a soothing comfort of calmness as you feel every fresh drop of it. You don’t need to worry about your friends waiting for you a long time just because of the very slow efficiency of your old coffee maker. You can now make much coffee servings for everyone at a single time. This is bigger and has more capacity and that’s why This is perfect to you and to those who have a big family who enjoys coffee a lot. The product has uniform consistency which means that all the coffee that comes from it has the same taste, the same aroma, the same nutrients and the most important properties so that you guarantee yourself a good tasting coffee for your taste Can! This machine can bring the best in your coffee. You will definitely enjoy it and make it your regular friend.

  • The burr grinders present in this coffee machine make grinding of coffee beans a possibility.
  • The grind control feature provides you in hand control of the entire brewing process.
  • It gives you 24-hour Programmable brew start
  • With the brew-pause feature, you can easily stop the brewing cycle and take a cup of coffee.
  • Charcoal water filter eliminates all the impurities such as chlorine, calcium, and other odors mixed up with coffee flavors.
  • Flavor strength options make coffee more flavorful compared to using pre-ground coffee.
  • It gives you 12 cups carafe along
  • Saves time
  • Rich flavor
  • Better brewing
  • Easy to maintain
  • User friendly
  • A bit hard to operate

Final Words:

If you love grinding and brewing your own coffee, then you should buy this product. It will not only offer you the independence you require, you will also get to enjoy coffee at the comfort of your home.



You can experience great-tasting espresso for cappuccinos, lattes, and more with the grinder and steam wand with Caliper single Temp IQ and espresso machine. You’ll find fresh espresso with every use for the integrated conical burr mill, with a 30 adjustable grinding setting. The floating IQ system features thermo-block heating technology and PID temperature control to heat uniformly during espresso extraction, coupled with gentle pre-infusion to make the espresso grounds at the beginning of extraction. A cafe-sized 58 mm portability also allows for watery dispersion and strong flavor, and a powerful steam stick produces creamy foaming and microfoam milk for cappuccino, lattes, and more. Other conveniences, such as auto-shot volumetric control, cup warming trays, and hot water options, meaning you’ll soon be ready to enjoy delicious drinks at home, easily. The 15-bar Italian pump that gives you the right amount of pressure for maximum flavor extraction and produces a beautiful layer of crema for your espresso.

  • 15-Bar Italian Pump provides the right amount of pressure for maximum flavor extraction
  • Freshly grind your beans as per your need with the coherent Conical Burr Mill Grinder with 30 adjustable grind settings
  • Includes single- and double-shot single wall filter container
  • Thermoblock Heating Technology and PID Temperature Control gives heat for continuous great-tasting espresso, and gentle Pre-Infusion blooms the espresso grounds for the best-extracted espresso
  • 58mm café-sized portafilter holds more grounds and ensures even water dispersion and extraction for robust flavor
  • Removable 2.8L water tank with changing lid for easy filling
  • Cup Warming Tray for espresso-ready cups and Steam Wand froths milk for making cappuccinos, lattes, and other drinks, just like in coffee shops
  • Includes stainless steel milk jug, tamper, cleaning disc, cleaning brush, and cleaning pin
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Durable
  • Reliability
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • More expensive
  • Bad temperature controlling

Final Words:

If you want to buy this product for long term use you must buy it as it’ll stand by you for a long time but you must have a good temper to use this machine.


KRUPS EA89 Deluxe One-Touch

You can make cafe-quality hot drinks at home with the KRUPS EA89 Automatic Espresso Machine. The EA89’s built-in coffee grinder grinds whole coffee beans just before cooking for fresh results, while its user-friendly control panel allows each cup to adjust the amount, power and temperature to adjust with individual preferences. Allows Choose dark to rise the strength of the coffee or an extra shot to add a shot of espresso to your drink. The KRUPS Espresso Machine prepares everything from espressos, Americanos, cappuccino, and lattes to Fenty steamed milk or tea. Prepare one cup or two cups together to save time. The EA89s thermo-block heating system and the pump’s 15 bar pressure help ensure excellent results, perfect from the start, and its digital clock can be programmed to start brewing at a proper time or to turn off automatically Can. More features for the KRUPS Super Automatic Espresso Machine include a big water reservoir, coffee outlets that can be lifted or lowered to adjust different sized mugs and glasses, a milk hose for milk And on-screen instructions and follow up of the brewing process. Easily achieve highly flavored coffee drinks with the KRUPS Quattro Force Digital Super Fully Automatic Espresso Machine.

  • Premium Café Quality Coffee
  • Single touch OLED screen
  • Fully customizable drinks
  • One-touch extra shot
  • The height-adjustable coffee nozzle makes you fit mug of your choice up to 5.5 inches in length
  • Extra-large water tanks hold up to 77.8 oz of water
  • Vast functionality
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Drinks can be customized
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Water tank can be removed
  • Can prepare 2 coffees simultaneously
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Manually adjustable
  • It doesn’t filter coffee

Final Words:

If you want prepared drinks at the range of a button, this gadget is a good choice. It really does gives you all that anyone wants in a coffee. But espresso connoisseurs take note, our expert coffee taster thought the espresso was too thin and watery with a thin crema.


Saeco HD8927/47 PicoBaristo

The compact Saeco PicoBaristo does everything that a mid-range automatic espresso machine can and should be able to do. The PicoBaristo is very handy and simple to operate, with its touch buttons on the right and left sides of the display. A milk frother is built-in all models except one. You can also plug in a small, black hot water spout into the same location if you want to use hot water instead of milk. It shows you the very prominent difference when you compare it to other automatic espresso machines from Saeco. It’s easier to adjust the grinder, and it has more grinder settings than another model. Instead of the senary knob that you can find on other models, the PicoBaristo provides you a manual dial with 10 different grind levels. You can set and save your most important beverage adjustments, like how much espresso and how strong you want it. But it doesn’t offer different profiles for more than a single users. If you want to enjoy that incredible feature then you need to upgrade to the GranBaristo, which gives you up to six different user profiles.

  • Compressed size fits any counter
  • Provides 11 different drinks at the touch of a button
  • Long life ceramic grinder with 10 adjustable settings for your convenience
  • Beautiful Stainless-Steel design
  • inbuilt milk carafe with automatic milk frother offers you hot Cappuccinos and Latte Macchiatos at a single touch
  • Starts with superior tasting water due to the patented AquaClean water filter that filters the water all the impurities for a perfect cup
  • A minimum of 5000 Cups between descaling
  • Quick Heat Boiler to instantly provide the beverage you want
  • Easy to use with 12 back-lit LED buttons guide you effortlessly through preparing great beverages and maintaining your machine
  • 5 strength settings with a “memo” function that memorizes your personal settings
  • Aqua clean water filter
  • Adjustable ceramic grinder
  • Eleven 1-button beverages
  • Automatic descaling
  • Automatic milk frother
  • Compact size fits
  • Panarello needs to be improved

Final Words

This compact coffee automatic espresso machine manufactures a wide range of delighted beverages automatically and with less maintenance. This PicoBaristo provides you the largest range of drinks of any compact super-automatic espresso machine. It is also designed for minimum maintenance and long life of main components, like the ceramic grinder. We recommend this product.


When it comes to express espresso machines, we have to look for a lot of things to choose the best available machine for a good espresso. I hope that our review has helped you in finding the one you’re searching for. Please leave your feedback or views in the comments section below. Looking forward to your response.

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